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Recent advances in medical, educational and social understanding of Down syndrome have given rise to an increasingly positive and optimistic view of what life can be like for those living with DS.  We welcome readers into our lives with the hope of furthering understanding of Down syndrome, and helping others see how beautiful life is for us with Bridget as a part of our family...

Bridget’s Light 

When Bridget was first born, people were quick to tell us all the things she would have trouble doing.  We heard much about the health issues and other limitations of people with Down syndrome, but very little about the enormous potential we would, in fact, see in Bridget. 

Most of what we heard in those first days after Bridget was born was not only disheartening, scary and sad; it was untrue.  Despite what we were told, her first year was not marked with chronic ear, chest or sinus infections, or an inability or lack of desire to eat by mouth, communicate or move.  Instead, she’s had one minor cold thus far, is a good eater, started rolling over at 11 weeks old, and clearly communicates her needs and wants.  Bridget loves her siblings, crawls at the speed of light, and is fascinated with mouths.  Sometimes, she’s too sweet for words, and other times she’s a little rascal.  

I love to see her accomplishing things, on her own time-line.  She does things when she’s ready, which is as it should be.

There’s something about this journey with Bridget that’s been so powerful, and so empowering.  She is growing and learning and reaching milestones.  What we’ve seen through her is that what matters most is not what we achieve and when, it’s how true to ourselves we are in the process of becoming.

With Bridget, it’s like all pretense has been stripped away.  Through her, I’ve seen a world where boundaries and barriers are not a focus—where stereotypes, expectations and limits do not exist.  I’ve seen straight through to the heart of things--I call this “Bridget’s Light”.

There are additional concerns and aspects in having a family member with special needs that are sometimes tough.  But, challenges are part of life.  To stay balanced and positive, we have to look for the gifts within the challenges. With Bridget, our family has been profoundly blessed.  We have our feet firmly planted, and have a light in our lives that enriches us in a deep and meaningful way.

Looking at any of my children, I can’t predict today who they will become in the future and what they will attain, or enjoy.  I don’t know the whole story of their lives yet—but I will love seeing those stories unfold.  The same goes for Bridget.  One thing’s for sure:  she’s writing her own story, and I can’t wait to see who she becomes. 


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Bridget is three years old now, and is thriving.  This website is no longer being updated, but I have started a blog with current information on Bridget and our family which can be found here:

click here to see our Photo Montage "A Beautiful Life"...

After spending 9 months with each of my children as a part of me, I feel like I knew all of my kids before anyone else got to meet them. We declined prenatal testing (other than routine ultrasounds), so I didn’t know about Bridget’s extra chromosome before she was born. I came to understand her in a truly perfect way: I had no pre-conceived notions--I only knew what I experienced to be true throughout my pregnancy. I loved her completely and unconditionally, just as she was created, from the very moment I knew she was with me. There was additional, unexpected information that arrived with Bridget’s birth, but me learning that she had DS did not change her.  It did not make me look at her in a new way.  DS was unfamiliar…but the way I see it, we just had some new things to learn...

A Beautiful Life
(A poem for Bridget by Mom)

Look at me

Loving Life

See what 
 can do and
All I am

Look closely

Through the soft focus of my life
(frame by frame)

You'll see the essence of things

I see the world
in its most perfect state
I see the good in things
and in people

I see a world
of Joy, Hope
and Infinite Possibility

See me for who I am

Deliberate, sweet and true

I am beautiful
I am strong
I am happy
I am loved

I live a beautiful Life

I am

A Beautiful Life

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