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July 2008       

Bridget is Two…so two

She defies definition (and a few photographs can hardly do her justice), so here is a more complete picture of her two-year-old self:

Bridget now signs about 30 words and says a handful.  She’s like a GEICO commercial, signing below us while we talk (she picks the words she knows out of our conversations).  Her multi-purpose spoken word is “OUCH!”—which means “ouch”, “oops”, “uh oh”, “no!” and several other things.  As it is with most two year olds, Bridget is rarely cooperative ;).  She doesn’t want to be strapped into anything, loves to get a hold of the t.v. remote, and demands an all-access pass to every drawer and cupboard in the house.  She really likes to laugh…and yell.  She’s become very good at signing “sorry”, since she hurts people on accident more often than you would think and on purpose more often than you would think.  She loves the routine of patting to say “its okay” so much that she has started bopping people just so she can console them afterwards. 

Bridget is animated.  Sometimes when I look at her (especially when she’s been waiting for me to look), she raises her eyebrows and grins—she just sparkles.  She pretends to be really sad (“hoo hoo hoo”), gives kisses and hugs and makes a great fish face.  She’s also got a great fake burp (we’re so proud—and thank you, Brian).  She can mimic any sound or gesture and keeps us all in stitches by making every kind of face you can imagine.  She can make several noises that no one has yet figured out how to replicate. 

Her laughter is contagious—she loves to giggle, and she also likes to lean in and slap the table before bursting out with an uproarious belly laugh.  Bridget is active, curious, and determined.  She is very social, and pretends to talk on the phone (she answers “heh-yo, heh-yo” and immediately closes her eyes and laughs). She has the sweetest little voice, and a smile that will steal your heart.

Bridget loves pancakes, babies, books and pulling hair (ouch!).  She can get out of any barricade we create to keep her safe.  She is still obsessed with the alphabet song and her own reflection.  She can blow her nose, and knows how to cough into the crook of her arm.  She likes to snuggle when she wakes up, but not if she sees food first J.  She is alternatingly endearing, hilarious, frustrating and incredibly sweet (wait, that sounds like a typical two-year-old!). 

Happy Birthday, sweet Bridget!!  We love you!!

March 2008...Bridget is now 20 months old!  Here are some recent pictures of our sweet girl...

Pictures from our trip to Hilton Head, S.C. (3/2008)...

:~Bridget at 18 months (January 2008)~:

Bridget is sweet trouble!  She’s busy, bright-eyed, strong, expressive, social and determined.  She’s a skilled mimic (imitating facial expressions, sounds & gestures).  She loves to giggle, loves music and high 5’s. 
She is so able…

 -Pulls up on just about everything (crib, couch, tub, etc.) with no assistance…often letting go of one hand, sometimes both hands
-Cruises (takes 2-4 steps)
-Stands at couch, coffee table or side of bathtub for long periods of time
-Gets from standing back to sitting by dropping to knees v. just letting go
-“Walks” on knees, walks behind toys with help
-Crawls up stairs
-Climbs into couch basin to play without assistance
-Gives kisses when asked, often without being asked J
-Points to her hair when we ask, “Can you show me your hair?”
-“Brushes” her hair
-Blows her nose when asked
-Gives high 5’s and high 1’s (index finger)
-Points with index finger
-Imitates throat clearing, blowing, deep breathing, fish face, bouncing, rocking, banging, clicking, clacking, yawning, all sorts of facial expressions & gestures
-Pats mom’s chest and says malamalamala when we ask, “Where’s mommy?”
-Shakes head “NO!”, pulls her tongue and says “uh uh” when we say “no no”
-Says “ah duh” (all done) and tries to sign it
-Signs “Touchdown!” (both arms up), “Go Bucks!” (one arm up)…we’ve watched a lot of football this winter J
- Is obsessed with ducks (points to ducks in books & kisses them J, makes a true duck sound whenever asked)
-Loves books (kisses animals and babies in books)
-Loves to play peekaboo
-Points to noses
-Waves “hi” and “bye-bye”
-Feeds herself with cup and bottle, finger-feeds small pieces of food
-Tries to put clothes over head/face
-Loves Hi-5 on Discovery Kids
-Follows commands: 1-2-3 up (stand up), wave hi/bye-bye, put the doll up, put the ball up, hug the cat/doll, blow your nose, hide your eyes, give a kiss, sit down, brush your hair
-Loves babies!  Signs baby when we say “baby” or ask “Can you give the baby a hug?”…or if she sees babies in books or when we are out and about
-Loves to hug and rock her baby doll (then she throws it J)
-Shows others how to rock her doll when they hold it
-Is fascinated by her shadow and her reflection…she actually plays with her shadow and loves to see herself “talk” and wave in the mirror (or any mirrored surface, like the bathtub drain)

Signs:  hi, baby, by-bye, more, yes, touchdown!, Go Bucks!

Spoken words:  Hi!, up, ouch, out, off, hot, duck! (sometimes “dut”), “ah duh” (all done), “nuh nuh” (nose), da da, malamamala (mom), “ya ya” (Sara)


Bridget's First Year in Pictures

December 2006

~Hi, sweet baby!~

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