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1. Babies with Down Syndrome:  A New Parents Guide.  Stray-Gunderson. 

2.  Gifts, Mothers Reflect on How Children with Down Syndrome Enrich their Lives.  Kathryn Lynard Soper. 

3. Gross Motor Skills in Children with Down Syndrome:  A Guide for Parents and Professionals.  Patricia Winders.  There are also books on fine motor skills, communication skills, etc. in this special needs collection of books.

4.  A Parent's Guide to Down Syndrome:  Toward a Brighter Future.  Sigfried M. Pueschel.

5.  I Can, Can You?  Marjorie W. Pitzer.  An adorable board book which features babies and children with DS playing, learning, and enjoying life...while focusing on all they can do.  The theme is:  bet you can too!

6.  Arbonne International baby oil, body wash and baby lotion.  Safe, natural and gentle products.  Children with DS can have dry, flaky skin.  This stuff is amazing! 

7.  Munchkin food grinder.  Especially helpful for us since Bridget is late getting teeth.  With this grinder, I can make all kinds of healthy food that's safe for her to eat.

8.  Mesh feeders.  Allows babies to eat fresh fruits and other foods safely.  This device also promotes self feeding and helps bite development.

9.  10. & 11.  All types of specialty brushes to help with oral sensitivity.  We used brushes with Bridget when she was tiny to rub on her gums, tongue and the inside of her cheeks.  When she started solids, we dipped the brushes in baby food and offered it to her that way.  Now that she's eating even more types of food, we roll the brushes in Nutrigrain bars or banana bread and let her work to get the food off the brush.  Great for oral-motor development as well as sensitivity issues.

12.  Maroon spoons.  Great for early feeding. 

13. & 14.  The Zaky.  We used this for positioning in tons of situations.  It's wonderful for the hospital, but it's also great in the car seat, for keeping the head elevated during diaper changes, and for a million other reasons.  Available at

15.  Simply Saline.  We used this every day, several times a day with Bridget from the time we brought her home.  With tiny nasal passages, it always seemed like her nose was clogged.  This helped tremendously!  Highly recommended.

16.  Bumbo seat.  Great for when baby can hold his or her head up, but is not yet able to sit.  Allows baby to see the world from a new perspective, and is portable as well as easy to clean.  (As with all baby items, the seat requires adult supervision at all times.  There have been safety recalls with this product due to children being left in the seat on objects like tables or ottomans--and tipping over.  Used properly, the seat can be a great item for children delayed in sitting independently.  Use with common sense.)
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