Bridget's Light

All About Bridget

Bridget is a little masterpiece--
with texture and depth and richness to spare.

It only took minutes with Bridget to see that she
that she just wants to experience Life, like we all do.  She has a strong desire to be--to become, to learn, to love--to live

Others may feel that Bridget has much to overcome, but she doesn’t seem to see it that way.  Her approach is genuine, and she is a joyful and willing participant in Life.


Strong ¤ Resolute ¤ Saint

 C L A I R E

Bright ¤ Shining ¤ Clear

Bridget’s name suits her perfectly.  She's filled with quiet determination, and she is pure and strong. 
Her name found her.  She found us.

We had never considered the name Bridget for any of our other children, but about half way through the pregnancy, Chris suggested it.  I tried to think of other possibilities, but I couldn’t get Bridget out of my mind.  Just before she was born, we had a family conference to choose her middle name.  We had not been able to come to a consensus, and everything I suggested was fine with a few of us, and not with the others.  Kyle suggested Claire for a first name, but by that point we were already certain about Bridget.  I thought, Why not Bridget Claire?  The kids, who were half-heartedly listening at that point—each one dropping off after we had collectively decided the name he or she suggested was not the one—all stopped and turned.  They literally agreed in unison.  “Yes!  That’s it.  It’s perfect!”  As we got to know her, and looked again at what her names mean, we started to understand just how perfect it was. 

Bridget is...
beautiful, bound and determined, committed, complete, creative, curious, dauntless, deliberate, delightful, determined, exceptional, expressive, funny, gutsy, intent, patient, perfect, pure, purposeful, radiant, sincere, spirited, strong, sweet, true, undiscouraged, warm, wholehearted, willing...

 Developmental Milestones—First Year
(real age, not adjusted for prematurity)

- 6 ½ weeks - realizes she has a voice J (begins cooing)
- 8 weeks – first real smile
- 11 weeks – rolls over unassisted (front to back)
- 4 months – rolls over unassisted (back to front)
- 5 months – first giggle
- 5 ¾ months – first real laugh
- 6 ½ months – first cereal
- 6 ½ months – sips from a straw
- 7 ½ months – works to get a toy (pushes herself over a pillow)
- 8 months – sits alone with palms flat on floor for support
- 8 ½ months – starts babbling “da da da”
- 9 months - holds sippy cup herself and tips it up
- 9 months – sits unassisted
- 10 ½ months – rocks on hands and knees
- 11 months – waves “Hi”
- One year – crawls across family room

Other Details:

- Bridget had surgery the day she was born to correct an abdominal wall defect (omphalocele).  In her case, a small amount of her small intestine was outside the abdomen and had to be placed back inside.  Her omphalocele was relatively small, and relatively easy to repair.  She recovered quickly from the surgery and spent a few extra weeks in the hospital working on feeding.  She left the hospital on full feeds by mouth with no tubes or monitors of any kind.

- Although I had planned on nursing exclusively, Bridget’s swallow was not fully developed at first and she was aspirating thin liquids--so I had to express my milk and thicken it (with Simply Thick, a non-nutritive gel) before feeding it to her.  When a video swallow study (VSS) showed that she was safe to try thin liquids again (after several months of pumping and feeding her bottles of breast milk), I began nursing her exclusively.  It took a little getting used to for both of us (positioning and managing let-down), but she transitioned quickly and extremely well.

- Bridget also had a very small Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) at birth, which caused no problems and had closed by the time she turned one. 

- After much reading and careful thought, we chose not to utilize Targeted Nutritional Intervention (TNI) for Bridget.  There are many families, however, who have used TNI and report good results.  Here’s a link to the great website of one little girl who has used TNI:  Alexandra Rose.


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